Sam Brosnan - HeadshotSam Brosnan is a filmmaker based in Portland, Maine. He has a long background in documentary and commercial filmmaking, working with brands such as Nike, Adidas, and L.L. Bean. Whether directing a film, cutting at just the right frame, or painting a mood with color, Sam’s passion and talent for visual storytelling, cinematography, and timing is evident in every piece he touches. A recent film he shot, Rick Parker, I’m Afraid, has screened at multiple festivals and won the Sundance Collab A Day in the Life of a Creator Challenge. His work has been shown at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and the Farnsworth Art Museum, and his narrative films have been shown at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, the Portland Film Festival, and the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. His film DUAL recently won Best Sci-Fi Short at Venice Shorts in LA. 

Growing up in the Maine woods gifted Sam with time and space to dream up worlds both grounded and fantastic, inhabited by strange and wonderful characters inspired by the people he met daily in small-town life. His instinctually intimate style captures the human spirit and the natural world with empathy and artistry.

He has a BFA from Syracuse University.