Owen Murray

Egypt, Luxor. Jan/07/2018. Bio Headshots.

Owen Murray is a Canadian Photographer specialized in Cultural Heritage photography, fascinated in anthropology and influenced by photojournalism. As a former photographer for the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) his current clientele involve several university and research institutions in both Egypt and North America. His photographs reflect the faces, figures and facades of diverse cultures, standing testament to how human identity reveals itself through the ages.

Familiar with a variety of techniques including: photogrammetry, macro, panorama, 360ºVR, orthographic, portrait and fine art photography.


“I am drawn towards the documentary power of photography. In a fraction of a second, to exposures taken over minutes, hours or days, photographs capture a sense of place, time, person, and feeling, and convey these concepts to others. Good photographs transcend the boundaries of 2-dimensional presentation; they act as portals allowing the viewer to move between realities. I strive to capture images which facilitate this shift in realities and relate the cultural narrative of different places, times, people and experiences. My images hint at an underlying presence that unites these narratives into one.”

The camera has been my companion on trips across Canada’s North West Territories, through a Bachelor of Design degree and freelance work, under handmade forests and above raging wildfires. It has travelled with archaeology teams to Cameroon, Turkmenistan and Oman, through the slums of India and the back roads of rural Japan, and has been critical to my work documenting Egyptian temples and monuments. My photographs reflect the faces, figures and facades of cultures both past and present. They stand as a testament to multi-faceted experiences of human identity expressed in a constantly unfurling narrative.”