Niall BenvieNiall Benvie (1964) grew up in eastern Scotland where his parents were berry farmers. He ran and worked the farm until it was sold in the late 1980s then studied geography and contemporary European studies at Dundee University for his honours degree. But his first love has always been the natural world – and image making. He began his creative career in 1993. He has been at the centre of several of the largest outdoor photography initiatives of the last 15 years including Wild Wonders of Europe, Meet Your Neighbours and 2020VISION. He was a Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and has published seven books and hundreds of articles. He now lives in the Morvan in central France with his wife Charlotte with whom he runs Food and Photography Retreats Ltd and claims hoopoes and turtle doves, nightingales and golden orioles as his neighbours. His new book, Mit deiner Kamera Kunst machen (Making Art with your Camera) will be published in Germany in summer 2023.

How to Create Perfect Portraits of Nature - By Niall Benvie

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