Mike Chapman has been practicing the slight-of-hand called editing for most of his career.  Originally interested in still photography, Mike noticed that the “TV Guys” at Hampshire College enjoyed their pictures in real time and without a lot of atrocious chemicals!  He discovered he had a knack for editing and a non-linear career path was set.

Mike broke in as a news editor cutting fires and murders in Cleveland, Ohio, and since then has worked at The Christian Science Monitor, several post production houses and local stations, and at NBC News, where he travelled to remote locations in New England and Canada, editing stories for NBC Nightly News.  Mike has edited on just about every platform there is, from portable tape machines set up in motel rooms to giant CMX suites, and most of the major non-linear systems.  His efforts have won several awards, including an Emmy and six Tellys.

Mike is as fascinated by the craft of editing as he is by the technology, since there is no art without craft, and no craft without tools.  

These days Mike splits his time between producing and editing a cooking show, serving as a board member for his local cable-access station, editing for clients and teaching.

And though he also teaches an Avid class in Boston, he is now a cheerful pariah for being an early adopter of Final Cut X and is eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with his students!