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Mauricio Handler is a natural history documentary Producer, Director of Photography, and Cinematographer. Since the launch of his Maine-based production company Aquaterrafilms in 2012, Mauricio has created hard-to-get sequences for the top players in today’s broadcast world including Wildspace, ZDF/ARTE, Netflix, BBC, and BBC Science, Rolex, National Geographic, Curiosity Stream, ESPN, and CNN. 

Although an underwater specialist, he has worked extensively on land using the latest tech probe to super long lenses. He incorporates drones, sliders, and lights, as well as underwater scooters and re-breathers to help him bring a cinematic look and feel to all of his productions. 

Over the past five years, Mauricio has Executive Produced and Produced his own films including the mini-series, World of Oceans and Ocean Secrets as well as The Humboldt Current (Curiosity Stream / Off the Fence).

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His latest work as underwater DP and self-shooter recently aired on the CNN Original Series, Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World, CNN’s first commission into the natural history genre, produced by the UK company, Plimsol

He is a long-time Red Camera adopter who pushes his Red 6k Dragons into the extreme environments above and below the water around the world. 

Mauricio first started teaching this workshop at Maine Media in 2014. He lives in Maine with his wife and business partner Julia and their dog Tristan.

Chungungo: An endangered, South American Marine Otter mother and her two pups act as a vehicle into a poetic exploration of the threshold between comfort and action. Instructor Mauricio Handler was the Underwater Director of Photography.

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