Lola RocknRolla bio photoLola got the moniker Rocknrolla” singing and playing tenor sax in noisy rock bands all over the U.S., opening for acts like Joan Jett, L7, Marilyn Manson, and others. Lola started making music videos for her bands which led to her first short film Dragzilla” in 2002. “Dragzilla” went on to screen festivals worldwide (Outfest LA, Frameline SF, New Filmmakers NY, New Fest NY,  Ann Arbor, Boston, Feast Australia, etc). Lola then made a series of Gaysploitation” shorts including Tits n Blood” (2004), Night of the Living Gay” (2007), I was a Trans Werewolf” (2010), and the lesbian horror film Brunch” (2011). In 2012, Lola started her foray into Blaxploitation with Nefertitty,”Nefertitty in Space” (2015), and Nefertitty TV,” which is currently in development. Lola has also directed the daytime EMMY-winning “Biz Kids” on PBS,  industrials, and music videos, and wrote and directed the hit off-broadway show Homo The Musical” with Gina Volpe (Lunachicks). Lolas first feature The Big Johnson,” a documentary about LGBTQI nightlife legend Dean Johnson, is set to release in 2024. Lola is a New Yorker hiding out in the Maine woods with her gorgeous wife Legs Malone and Pickles the pitbull.

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