Kaitlin Santoro - Profile PictureKaitlin Santoro is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Working across photography, glass, and printmaking, her work explores time, impermanence, loss, and memory. She creates work that slowly breaks down and shifts, documenting the process and the aftermath to illustrate the fragility of memory over time. Santoro pushes the traditional boundaries of lens based, print, and 3D techniques by using incompatible materials, creating and using distortion lenses, or working in non-archival methods like printing with household solvents.

Santoro’s work has been exhibited internationally and was most recently included in exhibitions at the International Center of Photography, UrbanGlass, and the Print Center of New York. She has been awarded residencies at the Manhattan Graphics Center, Pilchuck Glass School, DaVinci Art Alliance, the Sculpture Space, and the Oxbow School of Art. She has presented at the Glass Art Society annual conference, Pilchuck Glass School, the Tyler School of Art, and Queens College. She received her BFA from the University of Connecticut, and her MFA in Photography from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. In addition to her studio practice, she teaches photography at youth, adult, and college programs. She currently teaches at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Philadelphia and for the City University of New York.