Jon Tobiasz is a photographer living in Lincolnville, Maine.

“I approach camerawork and image making as a practice: both as the application of a system of thought and as a repetitive exercise. This practice is being-in-nature, wherein I work my connection to the landscape. What I make represents a conversation with what is present yet hidden in the natural environment. The images are marks and gestures that point to a greater significance. They are that which showed up in the practice.”

Jon has worked commercially as a printer in photogravure, collodion and gelatin silver. He has taught photography at the In-Sight Photography Project in Brattleboro, Vermont, at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine and at the Bakery Photo Collective in Portland, Maine.

Jon’s photographs have been exhibited in Vermont and Maine at the Drury Gallery, the Vermont Center for Photography, the Darkroom Gallery, the Speedwell Projects gallery and the BRAF Gallery.

He is currently an MFA candidate at Maine Media College