Jimmy AndruszkewiczJimmy Andruszkewicz (Jimmy A-Z) is a New York City Landscape/Street Photographer and NYPD Retiree. In addition to his personal work, he currently offers his services in digital photo retouching, fine art printing, and website maintenance.

After graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Photography Program, Jimmy was fortunate to work as Studio Manager/First Assist for the eminent photographer Neal Slavin. Neal’s tutelage provided a firm foundation for large productions carried out both in studio and on the road, employing all camera formats from 35mm up to Polaroid’s 20×24 camera.

Jimmy eventually moved on to work as a Civilian Photographer of the Photographic Section of the New York City Police Department, which encompassed both field assignments and darkroom responsibilities. During this time, he joined the uniformed ranks of the NYPD. His career mixed various stints of patrol time along with being assigned to specialized units that tapped into his photographic background. 

It was while in the NYPD that Jimmy began computer training, leading to a wide knowledge of digital editing and website construction. In addition, he trained as a Uniformed Peer Counselor. He spent his final ten years assigned to the Department’s Early Intervention Unit, which was an integral part of helping thousands of NYPD employees cope with the aftermath of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. He retired after 25 years with the rank of Sergeant.

Jimmy now enjoys life traveling and photographing a variety of subjects, while working as a photo instructor and freelance printer.

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