Jessica Hamilton-Jones Profile PictureJessica Hamilton-Jones is an artist and art teacher at Waterville Alternative High School in Waterville, Maine. She also teaches a cutting-edge art program that collaborates with Colby College and Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education. This program exposes a diverse group of students with several teaching artists from around Maine to explore how to develop an artistic practice.

In 2020, in a collaboration between Colby College and Waterville Public Schools, Jessica taught at “Sum Camp”, a summer math remediation for 5th-graders that focused on exciting arts-integrated math lessons.

Jessica holds a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Maine Studies from the University of Maine, a Bachelor of Art in Education from the University of Maine Augusta, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. 

Jessica is committed to advocating for art as a catalyst for positive societal change and encouraging lifelong learning to ensure students are prepared for today’s challenging world. Jessica incorporates many opportunities to involve community members and experiences in Maine that will instill a positive sense of place for future generations. She aims to present projects that build confidence while encouraging individual expression, experimentation, discovery, and fun! These projects focus on diverse cultures and explore art history to inspire students’ abilities to tell their own narratives while creating learning spaces that are safe and respectful of each individual. 

“My creative nature is like a room full of mirrors. It sparkles and reflects as an artist, teacher, mother, explorer, and visual storyteller.” Jessica says about her own work. “It is a work in progress, but seasoned by life experiences.” 

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