Jack Kennedy has been writing poetry for more than fifty years, publishing eight books and appearing in many small press magazines in that time. He was Director of Writing programs at Wagner College and the College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York City.  He holds graduate degrees in applied linguistics and 19th Century literature, the latter from the Bread Loaf School of English in conjunction with Oxford University, UK. He held a Teachers Fellowship in the teaching of writing for the first few years of the program at Bread Loaf and is currently writing a book about teaching writing in unconventional ways. He has taught at adult, secondary, college, and elementary levels (in that order) over more than forty years. Jacks was Vermont coordinator of the New England Small Press Association in the 1970’s, where he published several small press magazines (also in the 80’s, online, in New York City). Now retired, he works on art assemblages at Jack Boxes in Lincolnville.  He sees the assemblages and his poetry as informing each other.  Two of his boxes are on display at the International Museum of Cryptozoology in Portland.