Georgia Matsamaki - Profile PictureGeorgia Matsamaki was born in Crete, Greece. She holds a BA in Graphic Design and Photography and she works in the area of Applied Arts. Along with professional assignments, she also concentrates on the creation of personal projects. Using photography, graphic design and collage as a medium, she seeks to spot the Invisible in everyday life, add value to insignificant objects and suggest new interpretations of what we take for granted. Emphasis on the insignificant and/or the apparent “nothing”, is the basic element that characterizes her images.

Her graphic design and photographic work has been featured in a number of worldwide competitions and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Photography Museum of Thessaloniki, Mexican Museum of Design, Cocomat store Barcelona, Art Festival of Bologna, Freud’s Dream Museum of Saint Petersburg etc) as well as on online platforms that focus on contemporary photography (Vice Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation, Lens Culture, Musée Magazine, Feature Shoot, Broad Magazine, Lenscratch, Float Magazine, Artdoc Magazine etc).