David Brommer by Brandon Remler
Photo by Brandon Remler.

David George Brommer is a New York City based photographer specializing in portraiture and historical landscape. In the mid-90s Brommer was the architect behind Suspect Photography, an acclaimed, Seattle based studio-gallery featuring emerging maverick photographers. 

Brommer’s body of work is unique in its fascination with history, science-fiction and mythology, populated with subjects often whimsical and challenging, from Drag Queens to WWII battlefields. As a parting gift to his beloved West Coast, the Seattle Suspects project aimed at documenting the underground goth/industrial dance scene of Seattle, a counter-world to the Grunge movement of the era. A series of portraits of unique  characters, the ‘Suspects’ (as they became widely known) pushed the viewer to explore individuality and challenge cultural perception. The work would go on to become a seminal theme in Brommer’s work and establish his photographic style. 

Brommer is well versed in techniques ranging from platinum to pixels, embracing a wide range of camera gear to create the final image. Shot on a 1950s rangefinder, a Deardorff 8×10 camera, Hasselblad medium format, or the latest Nikon digital suite, Brommer’s extensive oeuvre has been shown across the country, published on  a variety of media, and lately, with over 14 millions views on Youtube, the viral video “Ten Hours Walking Like a Goth in NYC”.

A master of seminars on Composition and Photographic Style, Brommer has evolved into a sought after speaker, setting many contemporary photo careers in motion globally. With a decades long career at B&H Photo, Brommer is the creative and business mind behind the wildly popular OPTIC and Depth of Field conferences, the Event Space lecture series, and an innovative EDU program for students of the Visual Arts nationwide. Brommer has taught at the International Center of Photography, the Maine Media Workshops, on National Geographic – Lindblad expeditions, the Cortona On The Move Italian photo festival, and at hundreds of industry conventions nationwide. Known as a “Camera Whisperer” Brommer has advised academy award winning actors and aspiring photographers alike. He has produced two feature films, “Foreign Letters and Tomorrow Ever After”. A contributing author on Peach Pit Press “Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots”, he is currently working on his upcoming book, “Finding and Developing Photographic Style” and resides in NYC with his wife Barbara and the Chihuahua Eisenhower. 


IG: @SuspectPhotography