Darin Scott - Profile PictureDarin Scott is a writer, producer, and director whose credits include box office hits, classic independent films, and television series. He studied chemical engineering at USC before launching his career in film.

Scott’s various Producer credits include: “From A Whisper To A Scream”, which he also wrote; “Stepfather II”; “To Sleep with Anger” starring Danny Glover; Directors Allen and Albert Hughes’ classic “Menace II Society”; the comic hit “Fear of a Black Hat”; “Love and a .45”, starring Renee Zellweger; “Tales from the Hood”, which Scott also wrote; “Sprung”, from yet another Scott script; the hit Screen Gems release, “The Brothers”, and the horror thriller “American Nightmares.” 

Scott has written scripts for Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, New Line, Paramount, Universal, ABC, Interscope, BET, Lionsgate, and Mar Vista. 

Scott wrote the screenplay for “Waist Deep”, a summer of 2006 release from Rogue Pictures. Scott directed “Caught Up” from his own script. He wrote and directed the supernatural horror thriller “Dark House,” winner of the Shriekfest Film Festival and the Fangoria Frightfest, which was theatrically released during the summer of 2010. Scott then directed the psychological thriller “Something Wicked,” which was a theatrical release in 2014. 

Scott directed the supernatural thriller “American Horror House,” which aired on the SyFy channel in 2012, the musical comedy “House Party: Tonight’s The Night” for Warner Bros, which was released in the summer of 2013, the suspense drama “Shaker Pointe”, which played on Lifetime Network in 2015, and the independent feature films “I Know Where Lizzie Is” and “The Maid,” both released in 2016. 

Scott directed “Deep Blue Sea 2,” which was released by Warner Brothers in the spring of 2018. Scott also recently wrote, produced, and directed the horror anthologies “Tales From The Hood 2,” and “Tales From The Hood 3.” 

Twelve of Scott’s feature films have been national theatrical releases. They’ve won prizes at Sundance, been screened in Director’s Fortnight at Cannes, won 6 IFP Spirit Awards, won the MTV Best Movie Award, been listed on dozens of Top Ten critics lists, and grossed well over 100 million dollars at the Box Office.

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