Chris Wairegi is an award-winning Brooklyn-based Cinematographer with experience that runs the gamut of genres; encompassing narrative, documentary, and commercial work for streaming, television and the big screen. The daughter of immigrants and product of a multi-cultural upbringing, Chris has a love of discovering and documenting the essence of people, cultures, and stories. Chris’ affinity for visual story telling began at a young age with 35mm dark room photography. She uses every individual frame to tell the story.

From VH1’s “Black Girl Beauty”, a show devoted to peeling back the curtain on the trials and triumphs faced by women of color today to “Poison” the short psychological thriller film that explores misogyny, feminism, and consent, over the course of one fateful dinner date- Chris is unafraid to ask hard questions with her work. Her commitment to the craft pushes her to experimental work like “Verso” a short film that unwinds from the end to the beginning as the viewer unravels the mystery of what leads a character to set their family home ablaze. Likewise, her commercial work for Microsoft, the New York Yankees, New York Times, Dove Beauty and more carry the same stamp of naturalistic authenticity found in her scripted and documentary work.  But her very favorite projects and focus in the last few years has been documentaries like those she is in process with now. If the story must be storyboarded frame by frame or captured live as it unfolds in a cloud of tear gas- she will be in the thick of it.

Business owner, and activist, this Brooklyn based Cinematographer is always hungry for content that pushes the narrative around the human experience in front and behind the camera. Chris has traveled domestically and internationally to bring stories to screen and share her vision with the world. She prides herself on her ability to model her shooting style around the intimacy she cultivates with her subjects to give viewers a closer look into their world. Chris’ dedication to the art and craft of visual storytelling, technical expertise, and passion for creating beautiful and compelling work have made her a titan in her field and an irreplaceable asset.