Chris Nelsons’ career is long and varied. Starting in the MailRoom at Universal, and working his way up to Apprentice Film Editor in the Stock Film Library, Film Librarian, then Asst. Editor and finally Film Editor.  Since then, he’s edited over 50 television and cable pilots, TV movies, and a variety of TV series’.  Working as a Film Editor has also created many opportunities to Produce and Direct as well.

Nelson has received Best Editing Emmy for series finale of “Lost” and Best Editing Emmy Nominations for: “Six Feet Under”, “Lost”, Mad Men”, “China Beach”, and “The Greatest American Hero”.  Also, he’s received “American Cinema Editors” nomination for editing the “West Wing” pilot, “Mad Men” and “Lost”

In recent years, sharing knowledge and experience has become a passion, as well as finding worthy Assistants and helping them become Editors.