Brian J. Kelly is a veteran of nearly thirty years of the development and production of innovative television content. Mr. Kelly is an award winning producer, director and writer of hundreds of commercials, documentary films and non-fiction television shows for networks such as NBC, Discovery Channel, TLC, Military Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet, The Military Channel, Discovery Times Channel, Investigation Discovery, TLC, Planet Green, HD Theatre, Travel Channel, History Channel, A&E, National Geographic Channel, HGTV, HDNET, REELZ and PBS.  A businessman, spokesperson, historian and strategic communications consultant — Brian has worked with television networks, government organizations, the US Military, national trade associations and Fortune 500 corporations in harnessing the power of television messaging and programming.  He has held several senior Cable Network production positions and now currently heads Single Malt Media — a production and aerial cinematography company he founded in 2009.  Single Malt Media is a multi-faceted communications company blending original content creation, strategic communications, marketing and public relations into powerful television solutions.   

Over the last 10 years, Single Malt Media has become widely recognized for their pioneering efforts in the use of UAS (drone) technology for aerial cinematography. Single Malt has received numerous invitations to conduct seminars and presentations to Cable Networks, production companies and advertising agencies on the safe and effective use of drone technology.  As a leading advocate for UAV technology, Salt Media has been compelled to answer the call to assist organizations navigate the delicate balance of capitalizing on the promise of drone technology while adhering to rapidly evolving government regulations.  Single Malt Media, is an FAA 333 Exemption holder and certified operator for UAS in Motion Picture and Television Production.

“I have been very fortunate to have worked in television all of my adult life.  In my work, I have traveled to every corner of the planet and seen the true beauty of this earth and her people. Due to the virtual explosion of drone technology, Single Malt Media find itself uniquely positioned at the forefront of what I believe is the most important advancement in television and motion picture production technology in the past 25 years”.

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