Anita Verna Crofts is on faculty at the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. Her 2016 memoir published by Chin Music Press, Meet Me at the Bamboo Table, showcases a combination of prose, illustration, and photography. Advance praise called the collection of essays “stunning,” “joyful,” and “lyrical.”

She serves as Artist in Residence in the UW Communication Leadership graduate program, where her courses emphasize topics such as personal narrative and leadership, audio storytelling, and listening as a leadership tool.

Anita is a German Marshall Memorial Fellow and Thomas J. Watson Research Fellow, and on her Watson she spent 18 months in Asia documenting the stories of young urban women through personal narrative essays and black and white portraiture. 

She has taught writing workshops in both corners of the country she calls home: Washington and Maine. Her classrooms are designed to be collaborative spaces that provide substantial time for individual reflection and skill sharpening.

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