Alex Bilodeau is a Boston-based filmmaker who has been affiliated with Maine Media Workshops for over 10 years, the bulk of which have been spent teaching in the film program. His work experience ranges from fiction and documentary film, to interactive theater, to new digital media. He has worked for several years as a freelance videographer, editor, and documentarian, including news media when he worked as a photographer/editor at the NBC affiliate in his hometown of Springfield, MA. His latest film is a documentary related to the recent Boston Common protests. Working in fiction, he has produced and directed several original short films as well as longer stage productions, including Patrick Marber’s Closer. He has also produced media art installations and is currently designing a Virtual Reality-based experience.

Bilodeau’s passion for filmmaking is in its power for personal storytelling. Film is at its best when it captures those intimate experiences of living, whether they’re silly or somber. He is currently an MFA candidate in Emerson College’s Film & Media Art program, and holds a BA in Theater from UMass Amherst.