COVID-19 Update – May 24, 2021

COVID-19 UPDATE 5/24/2021

Maine Media Workshops + College is committed to serve our community with a science-informed plan that we will be using to reduce the spread of disease, respond to incidents of Coronavirus infection and protect each other and our community.

 With new limits of virus transmission through vaccination, contact tracing and isolation, along with other recognized public health measures, Maine Media will resume in-person learning on our campus beginning July 19, 2021.

Maine Media is committing to the following requirement. Full vaccinations will be required for all participants attending in-person activities on campus, including courses, programs, and events. This requirement will be strictly enforced and applies to students, staff, instructors or other attendees to Maine Media’s programming and presentations. If you are unable to obtain a vaccination for any reason but still wish to participate in Maine Media’s programs, we encourage you to explore our remote and online programs

As we begin the summer, let us enjoy this moment that we have all been working toward and waiting over a year for. We are happy you are with us and let’s commit to those things that will allow us to stay together: wear your mask as necessary, keep your distance, and look out for yourself and for each other. Here’s to our new season!

Maine Media Workshops + College Staff