Alumni Survey

Revised: November 2019

Master of Fine Arts Alumni Survey

In 2012, 2016, and 2019 Maine Media College conducted alumni surveys, asking our MFA alumni specific questions regarding what full-time, part-time or freelance positions alumni have held that they felt their MFA degree specifically prepared them for, as well as grants, awards, and shows of their work. 100% of those alumni who answered the 2019 survey were able to cite specific full-time, part-time or freelance positions, and 75% of respondents cited specific grants, awards or shows of their work – evidence that their individual creative practices are sustained post-graduation, and that the program helped prepare them for “ongoing professional engagement in the world of media arts.”

Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling

156 graduates of our Certificate programs were sent an alumni survey in 2019. This group represented all graduates of various programs that were in place since 2006, including a Professional Certificate in Photography, Professional Certificate in Filmmaking, Professional Certificate in Multi-media as well a successor program called the Independent Filmmaking Certificate Program (ran 2015 only), and the current program, Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling (launched 2013). The current offerings include PCVS, and the Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking, a newly evolved filmmaking certificate that was developed in 2015, with the first year held in 2019.

Of the 156 graduates surveyed, 20 responded (12.8%). Responses indicate that all students have worked either full-time or part-time in a position they reported that the certificate program prepared them for. The claim stated above, however, applies only to the current program in place since 2013 (PCVS). Of the 5 respondents that graduated from the PCVS program, one is working as a producer/editor; three are working as free-lance photographers, and one as a gallery owner.

Professional Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking

The first students to graduate the Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking Program occurred in November 2019. There is no data yet about success of these graduates; although they have completed the sequence of required courses and creative projects. These students intend to work in the field, and anecdotally have made contacts that will help them to do so. The program was run with just two students, one from Thailand, and one from India. If their visas are approved, they intend to work in the film industry in New York City after graduation before returning to their countries.