Passion, patience and perseverance are the keys to making your film reflect who you are as a filmmaker. This workshop will be a hands on, real world view into how movies actually get made. We will start with the most important part of any creative filmmaking project: the idea and the script. You will pitch your ideas to the class and with feedback rework your pitch until it is a home run. Producers need to know how to sell their projects!

Then we will delve into the best ways to work with writers & directors to get the script into shooting shape. Important creative decisions are made by filmmakers every step of the way and we will explore how to get the most out of casting and working with actors, hiring and communicating with your crew, conveying your vision visually to your team, understanding why preproduction is so vitally important and learning how to put your budget on the screen. We will explore all aspects of the filmmaking process that take place up until your first day of shooting. 

Students may request a transcipt be sent to their high school for possible credit.

About the Young Artists Program: Young Artists’ days are comprised of both classroom and field/location work: lectures and critiques, demonstrations, shooting, editing, writing, computer workflow and/or darkroom work, depending on the workshop. All instructors are talented industry professionals as well as experienced educators, and each works with a teaching assistant, providing additional support for their class. The students are busy all day and into the mid-evening hours, attending presentations from visiting master faculty. All Young Artists reside at a nearby residence (a motel-style building, with four students to a room, gender specific, and private bath) located 3/4 of a mile from campus. The property is controlled by Maine Media Workshops and is used exclusively by students, selected staff, and their counselors. Students are shuttled to the main campus each morning for breakfast and to begin their day, and are driven back at the end of the each day, following their last class or other scheduled activity. All meals are taken together. Parents can indicate any special dietary needs upon registration. Counselors supervise the students 24 hours a day, and help make group decisions about weekend activities like swimming, bowling and hiking. Coin laundry facilities are available on campus. A lobster dinner is served (there are other choices) on the last Friday night of each workshop, and all Workshops students gather for an evening presentation of highlights from the week’s work. Parents are welcome to attend and meal tickets may be purchased in the Registration Office.  

We recommned that students have access to $75 for incidentals, field trips, movies, snacks, etc

Tuition Note: includes room and board


Tim Estep

Displaying Tim Estep.JPGTim Estep is a graduate of Maine Media College's film program. During his time there, he wrote, directed, produced and edited two short films, Route 11 and Passing Through.  Route 11 went on to win the Best Short Film award at several film festivals across Canada and the United States.  In 2007, Tim produced his first feature film titled Familiar Strangers. The film went on the win several film festival awards and had a theatrical release across the United States, which leveraged deals with Netflix, Showtime and all major retailers.  Tim has also produced the feature documentary film Socially Inept and an adaptation of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Tim worked as a script supervisor in Los Angeles before moving into production management and producing.  He has developed and consulted on script supervising software and templates.  He has instructed both script supervision and various producing workshop with Maine Media throughout his professional career. 


Course Dates

Jul 16 to Jul 22



Class Size