Expect to be jolted

Our workshop will stretch your creative horizons and encourage you to experiment, to break new ground by breaking with routine.

Unique amongst photography workshops, you’ll be collaborating with the other talented photographers in our group throughout the creative process. From choosing themes, to seeing, shooting, sharing and building towards your own art show at the end of the week.  

Expect to be challenged

Each day we'll use examples drawn from different artistic disciplines such as painting and music. Eileen and Olaf will show how the works of the masters can inspire a new energy in your photography.

Expect to be delighted 

The rewards of sharing creative decisions are well known in music, dance, theatre and film. Visual Conversations bring these rewards to photography. Grow with the flow of ideas.  Your individual talents will not be diminished but complimented. 

Through daily group discussions, individual feedback and review, Eileen and Olaf will work hard to encourage your growth in developing an exciting and satisfying body of images.

Sponsored by Leica. Complimentary access to Leica cameras & lenses.


Eileen McCarney Muldoon

Eileen is a fine arts photographer living and working in Jamestown, RI. Her photographic style has been described as painterly, but she prefers to attribute her style to the gift that photography has given her to see the world with the eyes of an artist. She uses natural light as a means to express emotion.

Cartier–Bresson knew when he captured the "decisive moment" in his street photography. Eileen too, has expressed the joy of capturing that moment, but in a very different manner. Her "decisive moment" is when she feels she loses herself to her subject & knows there is a complete union. She believes that her finest images all share that moment.

When Eileen is not working on her art, she is teaching photography at local, regional and international workshops. Her work has been exhibited at Newport Art Museum, The Providence Art Club, Mystic Arts Center and numerous galleries throughout New England and New York. Additionally, Eileen has had two books published and is currently working on her third.

"A few years ago I became committed to creating a cohesive portfolio. I was looking to define my photographic identity. I wanted to present and understand my photographic voice. It was during the same time that I began to ask the question whether photographing made me have a more intense experience or did it diminish my experience. Did it make me more alive and aware or did it make me an outsider, an observer. Learning the answer to that question made me at peace with my emerging portfolio. My portfolio represents who I am. The photographs that I chose to put in my portfolios are from times when I know I am one with my subject and my camera makes the moment intensely intimate. I no longer work at making my portfolio cohesive for a juror or a gallery. If I tame the direction of my work I lose my creativity. I work at being intimately connected with my subject and sharing my experience with others. I let my intuition guide me and I put my camera aside if creates a barrier to an experience. "

Olaf Willoughby

Olaf Willoughby is a photographer, writer, researcher and facilitator living in London. His life paths include a career in marketing, where he consults on the use of storytelling to improve business communications, and a passion for photography where he shoots and writes to develop his creativity and fulfill a desire for advocacy.

Olaf is the co-founder of The Leica Meet a Facebook/website group that currently has 5,000 members.   He has been endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund in the distribution of 5,000 ebooks to raise money for environmental causes, and was featured on the International Polar Year website. 

Over the past several years Olaf has spoken on the art of using storytelling to improve business communications in London, Basel, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Athens and Chicago.


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