Join us and work together in this new course fo explore the issues, problems, pleasures and concerns that art and media educators share. This is a week for working artists/educators who teach high school and college and for recent graduates about to embark on a teaching career.

This workshop is a flexible week of presentations, discussions and exercises focusing on the art of critique and fine-tuning those skills.  

Topics to be discussed are:

  • Engaging assignments
  • Teaching philosophies and methods
  • Course content and structure
  • Program development and evolution
  • Student assessment  
  • Processes and materials
  • Resources/blogs/databases
  • Online courses
  • Role of New Media in today’s courses
  • Roles your own art practices play

The week's curriculum is designed following a first meeting with the class as we discuss what is most important to the individuals in the course. Information on software, printers, multi-media technology, darkroom systems, resources and teaching aids, coping strategies, a good deal of hands-on image-making, and a reminder of why you began a career in the arts and education are also covered.

There are shooting opportunities, a working field trip, and detailed discussions of the growing role of moving image and mobile devices in photographic education and how to successfully run a program that incorporates both traditional and digital. Bring personal work for critique exercises and samples of students' work (in print or slide form) to share.



Course Dates

Jul 2 to Jul 8




Class Size