Shift your perception and challenge your preconceived notions of point of view as you capture man made structures.

Photo By: Tillman CraneHone your skills and refocus your photographic eye while working in unique structures of mid-coast Maine. From the formal State Capital building to an informal quintessential flea-market-in-a-barn, the massive walls of a 19th century granite fort to the simple lines of an old New England church, you are sure to enjoy photographing the diverse mix of subjects. Despite the perception that photographing buildings falls in the “architectural” genre, these structures also provide a photographer with rich possibilities for still life, portrait, abstract, and landscape work.

This is a location workshop in which we will focus on creating photographs. All camera formats, film and digital, are welcome. However, if you are working with film be advised that there is limited opportunity for processing black and white film and no color processing is available at the Workshops. Digital photographers should bring their own laptop for editing their images. 

Although the emphasis is on making photographs, we will take time together as a group to look at each other’s work. If you are working with a digital camera, you have the choice of showing images made during the workshop or from a portfolio you have brought with you. Those working with film should bring a portfolio of images for review. For all participants: Bring at least five of your images for introductions. All reviews will be done in the five-images-in-five-minutes format.

My “Spirit of Structure” workshops focus on photographing in the man-made environment, rather than on the grand landscape. These workshops are designed for increasing your skills as a photographer and to shift your perceptions and challenge preconceived notions. Your focus during the week is not about making the perfect photograph but in approaching the subjects differently, in taking risks, in shifting your standard point of view. The combination of working in a new, exciting environment and challenging (yet hopefully fun) assignments will change the photographs you make long after this workshop is over.

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"An opportunity to swim with others in places you have not been, sometimes you drown but usually you move to new places."
- Dennis Yates, Woodbury, CT


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