Capture the essence of the season through renewed vision and enhanced craft

"Light, gesture, and color are the key components of any photograph.”
—Jay Maisel

Create timeless imagery by capturing the gesture of a moment with stillness. In this workshop, participants explore how to make unique imagery in camera as well as how to approach post processing in Photoshop not as if it is a verb, but as a noun.

There are few places on earth that are as full of light, gesture, color and the potential for timelessness than October in Maine. From the color and hue of the leaves to the mists of fog and rain, the diversity of light creates the environment for stunning imagery.

Working with lessons from his latest book "Welcome to Oz 2.0" and some of its key topics , the following are covered:

  • Bokeh- the quality of how a lens goes from in focus to blur
  • Depth of Field- how to use blur and focus to bring forth a more powerful image. (All students are provided with a free copy of Focalpoint2 software from onOne software)
  • Weather- how to use and make it in the computer when it doesn’t show as planned.
  • The Lazarus Effect- how to make an out of focus image come back into focus. (All students are provided with actions and configurator by the instructor. Also three free plug-ins from NiK software
  • Gesture- what is the gesture of a moment, how to capture it and how to use it to great motion within a stillness
  • Advanced Black and White- every black and white technique known to man, when to and when not to use them. (All students are provided with actions and configurator by the instructor.)
  • Shape and Color- How to use shape as the unwitting ally of color, so that color is remembered over shape in your images.

The result of this week’s intensive work in both the field and digital lab are images that echo the stillness and beauty of October in Maine - of the light, of the gesture, of the moment.  The photographs are upheld by the unique vision of the participants in combination with exquisite technical craft.

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