“When people forget they are being photographed, that's the sweet spot.”

We are all on a grand adventure and there are SO many people on this planet to meet and learn from. This will not be a 'paint by numbers' headshot workshop. You will learn about process and we will assist you in finding your voice as well as your artistic process. You will walk away from this class with photographs that mean something to you and you will have fun doing it! 

Portrait photography is a crucial part of photography, and we as photographers have a duty to create images that evoke emotion as well as be authentic and honest.

Discussions will include

  • various types of portrait photography-from environmental, candid, and lifestyle to street and conceptual portraits.
  • lens choice and selection
  • shaping light to create emotion
  • techniques to connect with your subject to create timeless images

Together, we will work hard  to capture the spirit of our subjects. A portrait is so much more than just a photo of a person; it should tell a story, it should evoke emotion. we know the title of this workshop references 'magic', but the secret magical sauce comes first and foremost from YOU, your vision, your gaze and what you want to say. This class will be a mix of classroom discussions, working with models-male and female, going on field trips to create street portraits and environmental portraits. We'll discuss how to approach strangers and how to make a strong image with them with limited time. Keeping it fun and creative is the name of the game! Let's make some magic.

Students should have a good understanding of their camera. Please bring your laptop and any post-processing software you use. The instructor edits in Lightroom and highly recommends it!


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