Explore the Maine landscape with native fine art landscape photographer Charlie Widdis. In the field Students will learn how to use the landscapes elements to create powerful compositions at some of the most iconic Maine locations, including Acadia National Park. Students will then spend time in the lab learning to use Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the color and contrast in their photos and create stunning final images. This workshop is prefect for students looking for one-on-one attention in a fun, casual, low pressure situation.  Charlie will place a strong emphasis on applying techniques to get creative and artistic.

In the field:

  • -Learn to see the elements that make amazing compositions
  • -The power of pre-visualization
  • -How to shoot with post processing in mind
  • -The best scenes for color and black and white
  • -Bracketing and focus stacking for blending in post processing
  • -How to use exposure to create a sense of motion in a still medium

In the lab:

  • -When and how much to process your images
  • -The power of Lightroom and RAW processing
  • -Using layer masks to bring out the best color and detail
  • -Combining multiple exposures to maximize depth and dynamic range
  • -How to create and use luminosity masks


Charlie Widdis

Charlie Widdis is a freelance photographer in southern Maine focusing mainly on the dramatic landscape that the rugged coast offers. Having lived in Nebraska until he was five, Charlie developed a taste for harsh weather and the dynamic conditions it produces. After buying a camera for a family vacation 7 years ago, his passion for the medium was ignited and he went about documenting everything he saw.

As his style developed he noticed he was naturally attracted to the ocean and that beauty the Maine coast offered. Instead of taking simple post-card snap shots, he strives to produce shots that capture the constant movement of the sea and clouds, often pushing his exposures to as long as eight minutes. Most of the final pictures that Charlie produces are combinations of the scene at hand, and his personal vision applied in post-processing. Currently Charlie is in the process of producing large editions of his work for galleries and private owners. He hopes that his work will inspire people to develop a personal relationship with nature and encourage the same in future generations.

Course Dates

Sep 10 to Sep 16



Class Size