Unleash the potential of your digital output by learning to prepare and print your work on custom substrates.

The rebirth of widespread interest in the early 19th century processes such as wet collodion and tintype is a response to the seemingly unfeeling mechanical nature of digital printmaking. This workshop is about changing that point of view.

This is a workshop about possibilities. My mentor, Jean Pierre Sudre, speaking about the making of work, is quoted, “maintenant, on a ces possibilités” (now we have these possibilities). He was always looking for a way to introduce the element of matter and dimension into the photographic print in subtle but effective treatments.

During the week participants examine the possibilities to create custom printable substrates. This might involve coating a rag fine art paper with Ink Aid or Golden Digital Grounds. We use techniques that allow us to print on metal surfaces. Students create digital skins that can be attached to a variety of surfaces. We print onto film and transfer the images to stone paper, metal and plexiglass to name a few. The result of the week’s work is an expanded idea of what the digital print can be and an almost limitless range of possibilities of what individual imagery can become.

A portfolio review is required for admission to this course. You can submit a portfolio via a link to your website, online portfolio, or print submission. For more detailed information on these requirements, click here.


"Be prepared to be inspired.  This will fundamentally change the way you create your artwork."
- Ni Rong, Boston, MA

"Everyone associated with MMW is wonderful.  It's great to work all week and go home feeling like you were on vacation."
- Jon Gordon, Hiram, Ohio

"I have been attending the workshops for 10 years and am never disappointed!"
- Kev Filmore, Croton-on-Hudson, NY


Craig Stevens


Craig Stevens is a photographer, printmaker and educator. He has taught, written and lectured extensively on the subjects of art and education and is currently a Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

In 2013 Craig was awarded the first annual Susan Carr Educator Award from ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) at the PDN Awards in New York. 

This will be Craig's 42nd year at the Workshops.

Course Dates

Jun 25 to Jul 1




Class Size