Join us for a powerful week of exploring new ways of seeing and making photographs that come from a more personal and intimate place. We will learn to harness intuition, quietness, spirituality and even introversion, as creative forces in our art and photography. We revitalize our creativity by exploring the relationship between subject, camera and self. By cultivating simplicity with purpose and vision, we will create more powerful, as well as more personal photographs, supporting the concept that a photograph is not 'taken' but ‘made’. We will put more depth and meaning in our photos by becoming more in touch with our inner selves, then use that awareness to deepen the connection with our chosen subject; whether person, place, or thing.

Creative Mindfulness is a challenging invitation to redefine not only what is personally suitable subject matter but our whole approach to creative expression.  Inspiration will be sparked by a balance of conversation, meditation, sharing previous photos, critiques, writing exercises, readings, poetry or whatever means necessary. Numerous photographic exercises and assignments are site specific and concerned with both internal and external experience and growth. 

Through a calculated series of photo exercises, personal assignments and daily field trips, we will increase visual awareness while clarifying our approach, making images that are both deeply personal and more meaningful. Insightful and powerful photographs will be created by cultivating simplicity and by developing the power of intuition, fueled by the proper balance of contemplation and decisiveness (be mindful/act now). We will also pay attention to lighting, composition, depth-of-field and exposure issues but don’t be scared- this is not a technical workshop! Much practical advice is given in these areas but more importantly we practice using this information to make more meaningful images.

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