Can a person really learn how to light in a single week? Well if you take this class, you can! Learn how to use both continuous and strobe/flash light sources to create dramatic images, with emphasis on quick, but effective lighting setups.

The week begins in the studio, discussing the basic characteristics of light: color, quality, and direction. You will begin working with continuous light first, then move to studio strobes and hot shoe flashes.

While creating simple yet effective lighting is stressed, more complex lighting scenarios will be taught using multiple light sources and mixed lighting.

The lighting tools for this workshop will be a mix of studio-sized, battery-powered strobes and modifiers (softboxes, umbrellas, grids, gels, flags, etc), as well as small flash. Students also learn how to use professional grip gear such as C-stands and booms.

Class time includes discussion about lighting issues that arise in the field, as well as strategies for creating beautiful portraits on location. Students will shoot on location in the afternoons and evenings. Critiques and lessons follow the next morning. At the week's end, participants will feel confident in their use of light and strobe lighting systems in a variety of conditions.

No prior experience with large strobes is required. If you are looking for more information on M.D. please take a look at some of his videos sponsored by Chimera here.



M.D. Welch

Professional photographer and video director/producer, M.D. Welch has 20 years of experience in print, video, graphic and multimedia design.

Over the last 15 years, he has taught Adobe software programs, Intro and Adv Photography courses and Video capture techniques for the University of Nevada, Reno, TMCC, Shooting the West, and the Nevada Museum of Art. His knowledge, passion and energy applied to the subjects he teaches has been the hallmark of his teaching career.

M.D is an avid photographer, constantly photographing events around Nevada as well as creating and shooting his own personal projects.


© MD Welch

Course Dates

Jul 9 to Jul 15



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