Learn how to create highly effective, scripted, broadcast-quality training videos with minimal crew and affordable equipment.

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There are more career opportunities in non-broadcast video production than ever before.

This course addresses the creative and technical elements of producing successful scripted broadcast-quality training and instructional videos using affordable equipment and minimal crew. Director/producer Doug Jensen of Vortex Media has written and produced hundreds of instructional videos for dozens of clients during his 40-year career.  

This workshop is designed to teach fellow professionals how to create videos that meet the goals of the client, are more interesting and engaging for the viewer, and require less time and resources to produce by combining traditional production techniques with the latest HD and 4K digital technology.  According to Doug: “In my experience, there is no other area of video, film, or television production that offers as much creative freedom, financial security, and personal satisfaction from a job well done.”

Ideally suited for independent producers, corporate and government production staff, and experienced ENG/EFP professionals and event videographers who want to take advantage of this rapidly expanding sector of the production industry.  The course combines formal classroom lectures with practical hands-on fieldwork as students get experience working in many different production roles. From writing the first draft of the script to completing the final edit, students work as a group to produce an instructional video for a real product.

How to create a training or promotional video

Major topics covered in this workshop:

  • The differences between instructional and promotional videos
  • The advantages of scripted videos vs. ad-lib productions
  • The elements of effective instructional videos
  • Defining the video’s objectives
  • Evaluating your resources:  equipment, crew, budget, and deadline
  • Scriptwriting, formatting, and style
  • The script approval process
  • Finalizing the script and creating shot lists
  • How to manage clients, bosses, crew, talent, and colleagues
  • Organizing and managing the production
  • Casting professional vs. amateur talent
  • Auditioning and directing talent
  • Location scheduling and other logistical planning
  • Camera prep and basic camcorder operation training
  • Controlling exposure, focus, white balance, and other camera functions
  • Microphone selection, placement, and audio recording
  • Basic lighting techniques
  • The advantages of Teleprompters, ear prompters, and other production tools
  • Narration and/or voice-over recording
  • Tips and techniques during the shoot that save valuable time in post
  • Ingesting, backing up, archiving, and managing the raw footage
  • Preparing for the edit
  • Post-production tips and techniques for maximum speed and efficiency (Adobe Premiere)
  • Graphics and music
  • Editing the final video and receiving client approval
  • Archiving the project files

PLEASE NOTE: An hour-long training session on Set Etiquette and Safety will be required of anyone registered for a workshop that involves production. Students only need to participate in this session once during their time on campus.

All Image Credits: Doug Jensen

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Instructor: Doug Jensen

Doug Jensen is a cinematographer, producer, director, editor, consultant, and founder of Vortex Media. He is a member of Sony’s independent Certified Experts, and he brings his real-world perspective into the classroom. His various professional roles have included: freelance ENG/EFP owner-operator; hand-held camera operator for live sporting events and concerts; television news photographer; director of photography for documentaries; corporate video writer/director/producer specializing in training and promotional videos; and a development consultant for such products as Sony’s camcorders.