Join the quest to becoming a more effective emotional messenger.

Aug 23, 2020 - Aug 29, 2020

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1395
Class Size: 14

As fine art photographers, how do we develop, strengthen, and maintain our ability to conceive and craft constructed compositions with compelling emotional resonance? In this workshop we will uncover and explore the practical tools and long-term strategies necessary to achieve success on our quest to becoming more effective emotional messengers.

In the context of a supportive, collaborative community, we will spend the week planning, shooting, and post-producing constructed narrative photographs. These constructed scenes may tell stories, suggest dreams, or reveal inner landscapes. Shooting both in the studio and in various local locations, we will learn how to shape light expressively, and how to pose and direct models as the actors in our scenes. Finally, as we strive to grow in our role as effective storytellers, we will discuss and explore chosen methods and techniques, based on both current brain research and time tested artistic practice, that are designed to push us out of our comfort zones to higher levels of creative engagement. Please join us for a week of camaraderie, inspiration, and exploration in constructed storytelling.

All image credit ©Richard Tuschman

Past student work (left to right): Dennis Barnicle, Marcia Mahoney, Sally Ness, Vaness Filley

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Instructor: Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990s, developing a style that synthesized his interests in photography, painting and assemblage. Tuschman’s work has been exhibited at galleries and museums nationally and internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland, AIPAD in NYC, and the Prix de la Photographie, Paris. His photographs have been published in numerous online magazines/journals including Slate, LensCulture, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and der Spiegel. Tuschman’s projects have twice been selected to the Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50, he was a finalist for the New Orleans Photo Alliance Clarence John Laughlin Award in 2015 and 2016, and was named a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Photography in 2016. Richard Tuschman currently lives and works in New York City.