This eclectic class deals with uncovering and discovering your personal vision

Date: Aug 19-25, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $1195
Class Size: 12

Robert Frost said, “We dance around in a ring and suppose, but the secret lies in the middle and knows.” This course embraces the idea that a photograph can be an outbreathing of a deeply personal self, a reflection of one’s inner journey, and a way to honor one’s own life by discovering or, more accurately, uncovering one’s own poetry—a poetry that resonates with the richness of our unique history, dreams and feelings, one’s center and soul. The course is about finding images from the inside out—finding that place within where imagination and intuition, the conscious and the unconscious, begin their dance, enabling us to truly become the source of our own photographs. You’ll explore the workings of the creative process and investigate your own sensitized surfaces, mining your discoveries for information, inspiration and the necessary courage to let your vision flow out into the world through your work. “Assignments” and exercises in different mediums foster the kind of receptivity and awareness that will allow your best work to emerge.

Inspirational Tidbits:

Some samplings which are starting points for discussion, an ‘exercise’, a field trip….or an adventure…

Emerson’s Undersong
The Great Lover~ Rupert Brooke
In Favor of Sensitive Men~ Nin
Proust, & discovering ones madeleines/Ackerman’s Senses
Spatterings of Mary Oliver
Virginia Wolff, The Private Heart
A Field Guide to Getting Lost~Solnit /Deep Play~ Ackerman
Going on Artists Dates, & Taking Ones Soul for a Stroll
Wounds & Scars & Kitsuji
A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Silence,~~Many versions, Pico Iyer, Mary Oliver, Walden, Leonard Cohen, Mother Meera
John Cage, & The Music of the Unquiet Mind
Rumi & Hafez, & the Moon
Manifestos and Mentors
Virginia Wolff, The Private Heart
Why we Travel, Pico Iyer
The Secret Lobster

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Instructor: Marcia Lippman

Marcia Lippman is an artist, a teacher, a collector, a hoarder of beauty, a New Yorker, a Francophile, and a storyteller. The thread of her narrative over some 35 years of black & white and recent color work consists in the act of looking and stealing glimpses of timeless grandeur and small suspended moments, ~ moments of concentrated emotion which address the ephemeral nature of memory, desire, truth, fiction and above all, time. These pictorial fragments simultaneously evoke fragility, romance and mortality. Marcia is represented by Nailya Alexander Gallery in NYC. Her previous one woman shows had been at KMR Arts, Washington Depot CT, Kopeikin Gallery,LA, Staley Wise Gallery,NYC . She was the recipient of a NYFA Grant and has two books, Sacred Encounters/East and West and West Point.