Modern, alternative publishing offers an exciting range of options, styles and methods for putting work in print.

Date: June 17-23, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced, Master
Workshop Fee: $1450
Class Size: 14

Seeing their work in book form is still the dream for many photographers, but the past few years have seen profound change in the publishing industry. Economic realities, new technologies and the changing face of digital media have all rocked the long established traditional print avenues.

With these challenging realities emerged the first real face of independent publishing. For the first time ever “Alternative Publishing” became a viable means for a significant number of artists, both known and unknown, and in many cases became the “first-choice” option. If the artist is paying for the book, why not retain total control by publishing independently?

But why look at things through a traditional filter? Today’s tools allow for a brand of alternative publishing which provides artists, both up-and-coming and established, with newfound freedom and the chance to make a new style of publication. Instead of being locked in on ONE publishing avenue the modern photographer can tell a story with numerous publications each showcasing a unique style and attitude. Think small book, large book, magazine, Ebook or a combination of them all. From high-end, fine-art materials to lo-fi Zine style publications the modern photographers have more options and ability than ever before.

This workshop will speak to these new freedoms and how best to utilize these publishing options. Attendees will learn the range of art book styles, publishing tools, see examples of “alternative” books and have a chance to make their own personal publication.

Michelle Dunn Marsh, founder of Minor Matters, and Dan Milnor, Blurb Creative Evangelist, will cover topics such as utilizing more than one format, collaboration, best use of magazine, serial publishing, art books, Zines and how to best communicate with an audience interested in supporting the independent publisher.

Students should bring a selection of prints from an ongoing project they hope to publish in disruptive book form, their computer, a sense of humor and zeal in regard to what is possible. Attendees should prepare to unlearn as much as possible in regard to publishing, and also be prepared to do many of the things they were told never to do.

There will be scissors and there will be glue.

Header Image Credit: Daniel Milnor

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Daniel Milnor

Daniel Milnor is currently “Creative Evangelist” for Blurb, Inc. the world’s premiere print-on- demand publisher. He splits his time between the smog-choked arteries of Southern California and the spiritual landscape of New Mexico. Milnor is a former newspaper, magazine and commercial photographer who now works primarily on long-term projects. He has taught at Art Center College of Design and the Academy of Art University. His work is in the collections of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The George Eastman House and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Instructors: Michelle Dunn Marsh

Primarily a book designer and editor, she has experienced every aspect of the publishing process through positions with Aperture Foundation and Chronicle Books, and on a project basis with University of Washington Press, Museum of Glass, Heyday Books, Abbeville Press, and others.  She is the founder of Minor Matters Books.