From recipes to restaurant reviews, features to food issues

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Want to be a food writer but don’t know how to start? Already a food writer but feeling stumped or uninspired? Whether a beginner or experienced writer, you’ll explore every aspect of writing food, from recipes to restaurant reviews, from profiles to feature articles, from food memoir to food history to the issues that make food a compelling read in today’s news. Read, write and share thoughts about what makes the best food writing, what makes it salable, how to pitch a story, how to craft a cookbook, or just how and where to begin.

Join award-winning cookbook author and food journalist Nancy Harmon Jenkins and several of her peers including Brian Kevin, editor of “Down East” Magazine, and Edward Behr, editor and publisher of the online publication, “The Art of Eating”. Together, we’ll break apart the complex world of food writing and see what makes it work when it does—and also when it doesn’t.








Header Image Credit: Nancy Harmon Jenkins

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Instructor: Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Nancy Harmon Jenkins is a nationally known food writer and authority on the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean cuisines. She is the author of eight books about food, the most recent The Four Seasons of Pasta, written with her daughter Chef Sara Jenkins.