Utilize Lightroom’s Blurb feature to quickly and effectively design your book!

Date: Oct. 7-13, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $995
Class Size: 14

Image Credit: Kara Burnbaum

There are a lot of online platforms for self-publishing, but the Blurb plug-in for Lightroom stands out as a great option, especially for photographers. Blurb offers many styles, papers, and bindings, allowing students to create high-quality, affordable magazines, editioned photo books, portfolios, exhibition catalogs, and family photo albums.

Participants in this workshop will discover and explore the creative possibilities of publishing their work in book format and learn the dynamic tools that Lightroom has to offer for self-publishing.  Lectures and group discussions will investigate traditional and contemporary book design and layout for inspiration and context, while also covering the essentials of Lightroom workflow for Blurb to provide students with the skills to execute their vision.

Students should bring a rough edit of digital images they hope to publish in the book. Part of the course will be dedicated to editing and sequencing images and text into a meaningful narrative. Students will also learn how to choose typography, layouts, colorways, paper, and bindings that suit the concept of their book for a cohesive and engaging design. By weeks end, participants will upload their book to Blurb, ready for ordering!

Computer literacy on a Mac is required.  Basic Lightroom and/or Photoshop skills are not required but beneficial. There will be lectures on Lightroom as an image processing tool in the beginning of the course, followed by a focus on layout/design/color management later in the course.

Header Image Credit: Arthur Meyerson

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Instructor: David Allen

A graduate from Goddard College’s MFA program, David’s creative pursuits range from work in graphic design and new media, to experiments in painting and sculpture. He is an avid artist and design professional, and has taught fine art and multimedia courses in both workshop and college environments.