Give voice to the landscape

Date: Oct 7-13, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $1245
Class Size: 12

Enhance your fine art photography through integration of your photographic vision, capture, post-processing and presentation techniques. Sponsored with a generous gift of Moab’s premiere photographic printing paper, Moab Master photographer Michael Zide, and digital guru Jim Roselli, will offer their expertise and insights on all aspects of photographic image making from digital capture through post production to help you find the keys to making more powerful and expressive landscape photographs.

Giving voice to the landscape is rewarding and challenging. Without depending on human form and facial expression to create feeling or tell story, we need to “read” and interpret the body language of the natural world. Through the use of metaphor and gesture we can give life to the inanimate and weave natural elements together shaping their own narrative and emotional tone.

Curiosity makes us stop and explore. Imagination lets us discover the unexpected. Post-processing and printing brings the raw capture to life. In a supportive class environment, you will share your work and discuss your decision making as Michael adds insight, encouragement and constructive critique. By examining each step in the process, we can learn to better match our creative impulses with our aesthetic and emotional intentions.

Look forward to getting up early, making wonderful photographs and exchanging ideas.

The journey of the artist’s vision continues after capture with digital post processing and printing.  The domain of creating museum quality fine art prints will be demystified and demonstrated by Jim Roselli, Master Printer for Xact Studios.  With so many software “Development” tools, plug-ins and processing techniques available today, its imperative to select those that will truly compliment your photographic vision.  Learning how to prepare your images to print with expanded dynamic range and targeted luminosity will be the basis on which we build upon.  Igniting your curiosity to explore various post processing and printing techniques is the key to lifelong artistic development with regards to print making.

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Instructor: Michael Zide

Over the past 30 years, he has created a body of work that has been featured both internationally and in galleries from New York City to Los Angeles. Portfolios of his landscape photography have appeared in magazines such as Silvershotz, Black and White, Today’s Photographer, Fotomagazin and Photo/Design, while manufacturers of the finest digital coffee table books such as Graphistudios and Asukabooks continue to use collections of his work to show off the lush tones of their printing process. His photography has also been used to advertise Schneider large format lenses, Sinar Bron large format view cameras, Mitsubishi photographic printing papers, Polaroid Corporation instant imaging, Millers Imaging, and MPix digital printing services.