Discover the art of single frame movement.

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This one-week workshop will introduce photographers and filmmakers to the basics of animating existing objects and products that may enhance websites and bring a unique addition to still photography or live-action filmmaking. This is similar to studio table-top photography.

Participants will review the DSLR camera and the special use of these cameras for animation. Dragon Frame software will be introduced along with the principles of animation to add dynamic movement to the product /objects. This could include animating food, household goods or any existing object that has not been fabricated for animation. Explore indoor and outdoor lighting and grip work that is required for this kind of animation. Animating on glass will be an option for creating animated GIFs.

Small teams will produce a short-animated sequence that could be used on their own websites. Frame by Frame Stop Motion (ISBN 10: 0240817281) by Tom Gasek will be a reference but not required. This book can be used for further study into these techniques.


  • Preproduction for non-puppet, animated, photographic techniques
  • Dragon Frame software
  • Animation principles
  • The animated DSLR camera and its controls
  • Basic table top lighting for objects
  • Shooting on glass
  • Object replacement techniques
  • Outdoor shooting options
  • Pacing and timing in animated movement
  • Shooting backwards
  • Clean plates and rig clean-up using Photoshop


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Instructor: Tom Gasek

Tom Gasek has over 30 years of award winning professional stop motion animation experience as an animator and director. He worked with directors Will Vinton, Art Clokey and Henry Selick. At Aardman Animations in Bristol England, he contributed animation to Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit short, “The Wrong Trousers” and the Peter Lord / Nick Park Feature, “Chicken Run.” Gasek co-directed and animated the “Inside-Out Boy” for Nickelodeon, which is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has maintained two small stop motion studios, one in San Francisco called “Sculptoons” in the early 90’s and OOH, Inc. in Massachusetts., and contributed animation to Aardman’s “Creature Comforts America”, Sony Bravia’s “Play-Doh”, Laika Studio’s “Coraline”, a series of Amazon Prime spots for Hornet Inc. in 2016 and he continues to direct and animate commercials and independent films. In the past several years, Tom produced, directed and animated two award winning short independent stop motion films, “Off-Line” and “Ain’t No Fish”. He is currently working on a short “pixilated” film called “4 @ 60.”