Cut through to the emotional truth to make your past come alive in written word. Plan to come for both weeks of writing with Natalie Goldberg.

Date:  Aug 25-31, 2019
Levels:  All
Workshop Fee:  $1295
Max Class Size: 25
Instructors: Natalie Goldberg and Rob Wilder

ACT QUICKLY!!  Just a few seats remain.

Note: a 10% Discount will be offered for students who also take “The True Secret of Writing” with Natalie Goldberg during the week preceding this course) AND priority seating is given to those booking both.

We know the particulars of our lives—the facts of when and where we were born, the cities in which we lived, the name of our high school crush—but memoir is more than the chronological presentation of these facts or an orderly procession of places and dates. Memoir writing urges us to break the surface, cut through to the emotional truth underneath, and to record and share our experiences without guilt, regret, or shame.

This memoir-writing workshop with Natalie Goldberg explores what it means to remember and how to make our past come alive with the written word. We study the mind and the meandering way the mind remembers. We relax into the heart of our lives and let the stories inside us unfold.

During our week together we practice sitting meditation, slow walking, and writing exercises that include timed writings as well as book discussions. We enjoy the power of deep listening—to ourselves and others—in small and large groups. There is planned free time to write on our own, take a nap or walk. Bring fast writing pens, notebooks, and a beginner’s mind. You’ll spend each day in gentle silence from wake-up until morning class.

All Image Credits: Natalie Goldberg

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Instructor: Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg is the author of "Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within" (1986). The book has sold over one million copies and been translated into 14 languages. "Top of My Lungs" (Overlook Press), contains forty poems, twenty of her paintings in color and an essay, “How Poetry Saved My Life”. For the last thirty years Natalie has been teaching writing as a practice. Her workshops are attended by people from around the world.