Learn the actor’s secret weapon!

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Do people ever tell you “you should do voiceover”? Voiceover is the actor’s secret weapon: It can be rewarding both creatively and financially, and make for a long career that you can sustain from the comfort of a home studio.

This class is designed to give you a thorough overview and a tantalizing taste of the many ways your voice can be making you money — from commercials to narration to animation to video games, audiobooks, and much, much more — including new opportunities that have arisen as business models continue to rapidly change.

You’ll learn about the equipment and software you need to get started, how to break down the copy to read, and effectively work the mic. You’ll experience working in a home recording setup and learn the ins and outs of a professional studio environment, so you can walk in like a confident pro on your first job.

In a safe, supportive, encouraging environment, you’ll be able to explore voiceover and see if it’s for you. You’ll get the skinny on demos, agents, subscription casting services, other markets — a hands-on understanding of what you need to break in, and what it takes (mentally, physically, spiritually) to build a sustained career in voiceover.

Plus, you’ll get plenty of resources to take home, including a workbook and comprehensive Copy Bible, with real examples from all voiceover genres, and MP3 copies of all your work.

Awakening your V.O. awareness: The art & business of voiceover
Fitting in: The many voiceover genres (plus ones you may not know)
Breaking it down: how to read commercial copy, TV vs radio
Recording equipment, audio software basics
Care and feeding of the voice actor
Telling the story: Narration
Bringing it to life: Animation & video games
Taking the leap: Building your V.O. business — wherever you are

Image Credit:  Jen Hoffer, Header Image:  Jasmine Quiñones

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Instructor: Vivienne Leheny

Vivienne Leheny has narrated over 45 books in the last three years, including five ongoing series. She’s also been the promo voice for NBC, CocaCola, American Airlines and Revlon.