Bring your macintosh knowledge up to speed

Date: Sunday Afternoons by Appointment
Levels: Beginner
Workshop Fee: $100
Max Class Size: 12

Available by appointment. Please email [email protected] or call 207-236-8581 to schedule a time.

Our labs are mostly Macintosh. If you are unfamiliar with this operating system, this half-day refresher course is a great way to bring you up to speed for any of our digital workshops.

Classes that would use a Macintosh are:

  • All digital photography editing workshops
  • Website design classes
  • Digital printing classes
  • Video editing & post-production workshops

The course begins at 1PM and runs until 4PM. We cover the basics of navigating the operating system, file management, input and output devices (card readers, digital cameras, and printing, etc), and common key commands. Students leave this class with a solid foundation of how to comfortably navigate and use the Mac OSX operating system.

No computer knowledge is necessary to take this course.

Please contact [email protected] to make your appointment.

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