Immersive journalism: changing the way we experience news and share stories.

Date: Sep 15 – 16, 2018
Levels: Advanced, Master
Workshop Fee:  $695
Class Size: 14

There has been a lot of hype around immersive technologies in the past few years. From 360 video to virtual reality experiences to augmented reality, the possibilities for applying this technology are endless. With new cameras, headsets, and software frameworks being added to the industry every week, it is hard to keep up. This workshop will scan the landscape of immersive technology from Hollywood narrative experiences to 360 journalism, and talk through different use cases for the various mediums. We will spend some time with 360 cameras shooting and editing, as well as discussing spatial audio and augmented reality possibilities in the journalism space. This workshop is suited to photographers, filmmakers, content creators and anyone interested in discovering the possibilities of VR, immersive journalism and 360 degree video. Learn how those at the forefront of this provocative new medium are producing compelling narratives and delivering extraordinary first person visual experiences.

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Instructor: Jenna Pirog

Jenna Pirog is the Senior Producer of Immersive Journalism at The New York Times. She has produced seven groundbreaking virtual reality projects, including the Magazine’s first virtual reality film, “The Displaced,” which won first prize for Innovative Storytelling from World Press Photo, the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Entertainment, and was nominated for an Emmy in the New Approaches to Current News Coverage category.