Learn the many techniques for making monoprints and evocative book forms. 

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Gelatin Printmaking is a low tech and inexpensive process you can easily do at home. It is a fast process with immediate results and allows for incorporation of found objects, stencils and simple mark-making tools. Working on a bed of hardened gelatin, ink is applied in thin layers and transferred to paper or cloth. Each print is a quick exercise in experimental surface creation.

 You will learn many techniques for making varied monoprints and then transform what you have created into colorful and evocative book forms.

Image Credits:  ©Linda Germain


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Instructor: Linda Germain

Linda Germain has been making these monoprints since 2007 when she made a career switch from real estate law to artist and teacher. Linda has an active online community. Here is a chance to work with Linda in person!