Storytelling with the moving image

Jun 7, 2021 - Jun 16, 2021

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $650 (Part I) $950 (Part I & II)
Class Size: 12 (Max)

NOTE: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets Mon/Wed/Fri for five sessions 1:30-4:30pm ET

Students will have the Option to Register for a 3 Week guided Mentorship
through the production of a Video Project (See Details Below)

Is filmmaking a medium that has interested, but perhaps also overwhelmed you?  

In this foundational course, we will explore the essential fundamentals of film and video as a craft and practice. Starting from the ground up, we’ll move through each key facet of the process of telling a story with moving images and sound. Whether you’re looking to add video to your list of skills when marketing yourself to clients, or if you want to explore a creative curiosity in a time that’s opportune for art-making, this class will give you the foundation you need. 

We will start by discussing the camera as our tool, the fundamentals and theory of visual storytelling, and the opportunities as well as the challenges that come with telling stories in this way. We will discuss the essentials of editing workflow and practice, the nuances and possibilities of sound design, and the art of the interview and dialogue.

The class will be made up of discussion, demonstration and exercises. In each session we will explore and practice a new facet and skillset, ultimately seeing how these processes come together to form the finished work. The experience offers the opportunity to both grow and develop professionally, and experiment creatively. 

This course is ideal for beginners, as well as those with a background in photography or visual arts looking to explore a new medium. Intermediate students looking to break bad habits, or find an outlet to create new work are also welcome.

You will leave the class having built a foundation of video skills that will open the door to creating your own work, and continuing to explore the incredible possibilities of the filmmaking medium.

Schedule & Registration Options:

The Class will meet 1:30-4:30pm ET five sessions M/W/F – June 7th, June, 9th, June 11th, June 14th, June 16thFor students looking to expand on their learned skills and go the distance, there will be the option to engage with a second phase of the workshop: A 3-week guided mentorship through the creation of a short film. Following Part One of the course, students will develop and work independently on a film project, meeting with the instructor for a weekly 90 minute one-on-one session for guidance, and continued learning. Students will have freedom and flexibility to book these 1:1 sessions to fit their personal schedules.

(NOTE: During this 3-week phase, Students may also opt to engage with additional Mentor(s) with focused specialities. Cinematographer and colorist, David Martinez, will be available to lend his expertise, as will Animator, Editor, and Sound Designer, Alex Burnett. Both will be available for students who wish to supplement one or more of their 1:1 sessions with a specialized filmmaker. More information on these options will be provided to students who enroll in the full course.  In addition, students who wish to book more than three 1:1 sessions for their project mentorship may do so at an additional fee. 

On Friday July 9th, at 3:30pm ET, all students who have engaged with the independent 1:1 mentorship will reconvene for a final session together, that will culminate with a screening and showcase of the films. This virtual screening will be celebration of the work created by the new filmmakers. 

REGISTER HERE for the Five Session Course Only.

REGISTER HERE for the Five Session Course + 3-Week Guided Mentorship on Creation of a short film.

Additional Notes:

As this class is held remotely, students will need to own their own equipment.

The essentials:
-A camera with video and sound capture capability and the option of using manual record settings
-At minimum, a one month subscription to *Adobe Premiere (~$30)

Highly Recommended Items:
-A tripod with a fluid head
-A video microphone, audio recorder, or lavalier
-An External Hard Drive for backing up captured footage

*Students who prefer to work in a different edit software, i.e. Final Cut Pro, are welcome to do so for their assignments, however for all in-class demonstrations we will be using Premiere

The instructor will be available to make suggestions to enrolled students for affordable gear options.

NOTE: Students wishing to gain a technical head-start might consider one of our many two day film courses. This class is a great follow-up to “1-Day: From Stills to Motion” “2-Day: iphone filmmaking”, and “2-Day: DSLR for Video”.    View full list here.

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Instructor: Tom Ryan

A New England-based editor and filmmaker, Tom has worked extensively in the worlds of commercial, corporate, and documentary film. He has free-lanced in Production for over 8 years with companies like Redtree, Timber & Frame Media, and ESPN. He has produced independent work for clients including Zillow, Carnegie Mellon University and Datto Inc. As an editor, his work in fiction and documentary film has been shown in numerous festivals. In addition to workshops, he currently teaches documentary film in the 30-Week Professional Certificate program at Maine Media College. Affiliated with MMW+C for over 6 years, Tom is passionate about teaching storytelling to students of all career paths and skill levels.