Transform how you think about printmaking as you experiment with 19th century photographic processes!

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NOTE: This Course will be Held in an Online Format using the Zoom Platform. Class will meet daily 1:00PM – 4:30PM EDT


This is a “Nuts & Bolts” online experience to illustrate your questions about the cyanotype in all its forms: Traditional & Classic Methods and WARE  formulas and the “New” cyanotype forms. Paper choices, recipes, toning, paper choice, mixing and procedures. Digital negatives and and the concepts for a good one for this process. Interactive: ask Brenton, watch live demonstrations. You will receive extensive PDF methodologies.

In addition to the cyanotype methods Brenton will give instruction for Albumen preparation as well as POP chloride preparation and printing.

This is as interactive course – LIVE!  This is NOT a printing at home course (unless you have an appropriate space).

All image credit © Brenton Hamilton


Past student work (clockwise): Kerry Michaels (x2), Robyn Mackay, Pat Bock, Sasha Laurita, Isabelle deBlois, Jeannine Mullan, Rick Allred

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Instructor: Brenton Hamilton

Brenton holds his MFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He is the Chair of the Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program at Maine Media College. His teaching specialties include, B&W Craft,  Historic Processes, and the History of Photography at MMC. Brenton is an enthusiastic workshop leader exhibiting special care and interest in the teaching process and for his students.