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A tight edit and compelling sequencing is the driving force of any good photo book, but it’s a hard process, fraught with tough decisions. This course provides you the opportunity to power through the editing and sequencing process by dedicating a week to nothing else. Pore over your work, get constructive criticism from your classmates and instructor during group critiques, study photo books for inspiration, and leave with the building blocks for your own monograph.

Road Ends in Water by Eliot Dudik

This course is a pre-requisite for students who wish to take Eliot’s subsequent course, The Handmade Photographic Book, in which they will learn to make a print layout of their final sequence and bind an artist book.

In addition to The Handmade Photographic Book, this course is also great, paired with any of our publishing classes: Self-Publishing with Blurb in Lightroom, The Photo Book Bootcamp.


Header Image Credit: Eliot Dudik

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Instructor: Eliot Dudik

Eliot Dudik is a photographic artist, educator, and bookmaker exploring the connection between culture, place, and history. His books include the monograph ROAD ENDS IN WATER and the fine art book COUNTRY MADE OF DIRT. He currently teaches at the College of William & Mary, where he founded the photography program.