Create multimedia documentary pieces without large crews or truckloads of gear

Date: Jun 24-30, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $1295
Class Size: 12

DSLR cameras have revolutionized the way multimedia documentarians work, collapsing multiple mediums into one. Students in this workshop work directly with journalists who have first-hand experience shooting and editing DSLR video. Through hands-on demonstrations, lectures, and critiques, instructors show the benefits and drawbacks of the camera as a storytelling tool. Over the course of the week, students find, shoot, and edit character-driven stories about the local community. Instructors cover production workflow, audio syncing issues and the techniques necessary to make this camera shine without the support of large crews or truckloads of gear.

Image Credit: Alexis Mpaka, Header Image Credit: Walker Bankson

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Instructor: Brian Kaufman

Brian Kaufman is Executive Video Producer at the Detroit Free Press. Working alone or in small teams, his work spans a broad range, from news-driven video journalism to feature films on social and environmental issues. Since the founding of the Detroit Free Press’ Freep Film Festival in 2014, Kaufman’s work has screened annually in theaters across Metro Detroit and been featured in film festivals nationwide, including DOC NYC. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded Kaufman three Emmy awards and nominated him in the craft category of Nature and Wildlife Cinematography.