Develop effective ways to lead, inspire, manage and direct the cast and crew's creative energies in order to realize the director's vision

Date:  Oct 14-20, 2018
Levels:  Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee:  $1750
Class Size: 14

Additional Dates Offered:
June 3-9, 2018

The guiding force of any narrative film is the director. This workshop is for emerging film directors interested in the craft, process and techniques of directing. Casting, rehearsal techniques, script, storyboarding and scene analysis, camera placement, and collaboration are examined and experienced by each class member. Students explore and develop effective ways to lead, inspire, manage and direct the cast and crew’s creative energies in order to realize the director’s vision. Participants will make at least one short film in this workshop. This course is specifically designed to provide an understanding of storytelling techniques and story development through actors and the camera. It addresses the major practical issues associated with narrative filmmaking.


“A dream come true; I feel refreshed, motivated, and excited about my future in film after this workshop”

– Jeremy Hicks, Washington, DC

“Friendly atmosphere with a great educational experience.  The best!”

– Colby Clark, Clarks Summit, PA

“Highly recommended for any serious filmmaker”

– Wei Zhou (Jason), Mountain View, CA

“This is a week to change and challenge in more ways than you can imagine”

– Nora Hussey, Wellesley, MA

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Instructor: Alan Myerson

Alan Myerson is an Emmy-nominated member of the Directors Guild of America. He has directed theatrical features, television films and pilots, and more than 200 television episodes. Credits include The Larry Sanders Show, Police Academy 5, Bad Attitudes, Holiday Affair, Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Friends, Frasier, JAG, Miami Vice, Crime Story, and Laverne & Shirley.