Go deep into the art of directing in this four-week intensive, guided by directors whose credits include “THE SOPRANOS”, “EMPIRE”, “BOARDWALK EMPIRE”, “SEX AND THE CITY”, “HOUSE OF CARDS”, “GREY’S ANATOMY”, “13 REASONS WHY” and “NURSE JACKIE”.

Dates:  Sep 14-Oct 9, 2020
Levels:  All
Fee: $3195  (Intensives are not eligible for any promotional offerings)

NOTE: This Class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.

Limited scholarship opportunities may be available under the BILL LINSMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  Details and application form may be found here.

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The Courses


The Director's Craft | Karen Moncrieff

In the first week of the intensive students are introduced to the primary responsibilities of the film director.  With the guidance of writer/director Karen Moncrieff (SIX FEET UNDER, 13 REASONS WHY) students explore and develop effective ways to lead, inspire, manage and direct the cast and crew’s creative energies in order to realize the directorial vision. In our virtual classroom, you will explore and practice casting, rehearsal techniques, as well as script and scene analysis. Discover how to constructively communicate with your collaborators and break through the obstacles that keep you from being the most effective director and visual storyteller that you can be.

Directing: What They Don’t Teach You | Geary McLeod, ASC, DGA

Accomplished as both a director and a cinematographer, Geary McLeod (EMPIRE, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE MENTALIST) understands the complex creative components of a film shoot better than most.  This is the class he would have liked to have had before walking onto a set for the first time. The week will take students through a granular nuts-and-bolts examination of how a director prepares and manages a shoot.  How do you deal with the dynamics of a film set and keep your creative focus while balancing all the competing demands of budget and schedule. How do you effectively interact with actors, collaborators, producers and studios?  Leave the week with increased confidence that you are prepared to deal with the realities of a film set!

The Craft and Business of Commercials | Jon Weiman

Award-winning director Jon Weiman (Infiniti, Samsung, McDonald’s, Facebook, Google) will offer a real-world view of the art and business of commercials. The workshop will explore how to find one’s voice as a commercial director, practical steps to break into the business, win pitches, and how to navigate the delicate balance between art and commerce. Get an in-depth look at the entire commercial-making process from treatment to post-production. This insider view will include real world examples of pitch decks, conference calls, casting tapes, production books, and guest speakers from different sides of the industry.  We’ll examine what a client looks for in a director, budgeting, putting together a crew, how to build relationships with agents, casting, directing actors, working with a cinematographer and art director to achieve the look, and much more. You’ll even make a short commercial!  Along the way, you’ll get advice on how to forge a career path.

Directing Master Class | Allen Coulter

In the final week of the intensive, get an intimate view into the process of master director Allen Coulter whose credits include THE SOPRANOS, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, SEX AND THE CITY, HOUSE OF CARDS, and NURSE JACKIE. Combines lectures, scene analysis, screenings, and Allen in conversation with visiting collaborators as the class examines planning, casting, shooting and editing of scenes and sequences from his acclaimed body of work. Students will explore how to make the choices that bring a unique point-of-view to the direction and filming of a scene and how to achieve the overall vision for a production.  You’ll learn how to think outside of the box and identify the elements that can amplify a scene’s power in bold and unexpected ways.  This extraordinary opportunity to spend a week with one of today’s most accomplished directors will transform your understanding of the director’s art and craft.

This intensive is not eligible for any promotional offers that may occur.

Image:  ©Tor Rolf Johansen

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